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Solutions and Services

Main direction of technical expertise — Solutions

  • Backbone networks

    SDH/DWDM fiber optic networks construction

    MPLS backbone networks construction

  • Access Networks

    Construction of MetroEthernet backbone networks, access networks, usage of intellectual BRAS (i.BRAS) with the capability of self-provisioning and universal authentication methods.
    Implementation of traffic analysis and control systems built on the basis of the DPI technology: analysis of the traffic on the level of applications, implementation of control of network traffic of various types, implementation of VAS (Value Added Services) parental control, Internet traffic caching, content optimization and adaptation, antivirus protection and protection from DDoS attacks. Main direction of technical examination Solutions

    Construction of WiFi and WiMax wireless broadband access networks.
    Solutions for building MetroEthernet/xDSL/xPON broadband access systems with the possibility to design an individual access network architecture with completely worked upon service architecture (architectures for service delivery from service subsystems to system users).
    Carrier Grade NAT solution, solution for the shortage of IPv4 addresses, preparation for migration and migration to IPv6 solutions Mobile Backhaul (IP RAN, RAN-o), construction of IP transmission to NodeB, with the synchronization transfer (SynCE and PTP 1588), optimization of TDM transmission to BTS and transfer from TDM to the packet network.

  • Network Safety

    Development and implementation of comprehensive solutions for information security protection from DDoS attacks and attacks on the application level:

    • Provision of communication operator infrastructure protection, attack detection and suppression (traffic cleanup, parasite traffic speed limitation), integration of the existing attack detection devices and internetwork screens into a single system.
    • Creation of systems for protection of communication operator subscribers, provision of the possibility for subscribers to access their statistics and set their own traffic control rules.
  • Convergent Telephony

    Hubs and networks audit, design, construction and migration of hubs and networks of MgMn communication, SS7, NGN and IMS.

    Design and construction and voice equipment migration (soft switches of 4/5 class, trunk and subscriber voice gateways, session border controllers, STP alarm points, etc.)

    Design and construction of voice traffic compression systems (TDM/VoIP).

  • Service Platforms

    Turnkey development and implementation of VAS services for mobile and fixed-line telephony operators (HTTP, SIP, SS7, MAP, CAP, SMPP, LBS).

    Development and implementation of hosted services for mobile operators (email, 1C Accounting, etc.)

  • Billing — Bill-Master Automatic Settlements System



  • Data transfer networks and hubs audit.
  • Development of a full set of project documentation and making examinations.
  • Development of a communication operator network concept according to a customer business plan.
  • Performance of general contractor works during the construction of data and voice transfer networks of any complexity.
  • Design of distributed data storage systems using virtualization technologies.
  • Organization of obtaining and registration of radio frequencies.
  • Internet service development (based on web technologies), customization and completion of applications that are 'typical' for communication operator needs.
  • Development of user friendly interfaces using a thin client (web browser) web interfaces/portals for typical telematic services aimed at the automation, decreasing operating expenses, creation of distributed systems under a single management of the integration with NOC of a communication operator and personal cabinets of a user (self-provisioning) while providing commercial services.
  • Certification/declaration of developed software functionality.
  • Supply of hardware and software.
  • Installation and setting up of hardware.
  • Service maintenance for hardware and solutions in whole.
  • Outsourcing of technical support functions for communication operator network.