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 2008 — 2011

Companies that belong to ROSTELECOM:

Rostelekom-Far East (till April 2011 — Dalsvyaz)

  • Modernization of IP/MPLS network backbone hubs
  • Broadband access network building
  • Implementation of a comprehensive IPTV SmartLabs Solution
  • DPI Solution implementation
  • Advanced service support

Rostelecom-Ural (till April 2011 — UralSvyazInform OAO)

  • Bill-Master Automatic Settlements System implementation
  • IP/MPLS network modernization

Rostelecom-Volga (till April 2011 — VolgaTelecom OAO)

  • Implementation of a call center expansion project

Rostelecom-Sibir (till April 2011 — SibirTelecom OAO)

  • Participation in a broadband access network building project

Rostelecom-Center (till April 2011 — TsentTelecom OAO)

  • Building of an operator call center



  • IP/MPLS network building — 89 sites
  • Building of a packet telephony network of 102 communication sites
  • FMC Solution development
  • IP/MPLS network monitoring and service support
  • VAS services development and implementation



  • Building of a long-distance, international and mobile communication network using Cisco Systems — CRS equipment
  • Audit and modernization of the branch network
  • Delivery of Cisco, Juniper equipment for data transfer network
  • SaaS services implementation


WestCall (Russian Partners) Group of Companies

  • Broadband access network modernization for WestCall Saint-Petersburg
  • Implementation of the Bill-Master Automatic Settlements System and DPI Solution for Iskratelecom
  • Modernization of the network of Columbia Telecom Volgograd



  • Delivery of equipment for network development


  • Design, delivery of equipment and installation of a broadband access network under the FTTB technology, services support


M2C, Murmansk

  • Design, delivery, installation and advanced service support of a solution for broadband access provision, introduction of the Bill-Master Automatic Settlements System



  • Delivery of equipment for building a broadband access network under the PLC technology, DPI Solution implementation



  • Design, delivery, implementation and service support for a solution for broadband access provision under the FTTB technology.

 SeverStal Infocom

  • Modernization of the local telephone communication network of SeverStal Infocom in the city of Cherepovets. Installation and service support of the Class 4 SoftSwitch Solution CISCO PGW 2200 and of Class 5 SoftSwitch Solution CISCO BTS 10200 as well as trunk gateways — CISCO AS5400XM

Orange Business Services

  • Within the project on upgrade of customer’s data storage environment, Inline Telecom Solutions company has offered the solution in the form of IBM Storwize V7000 system. It includes the virtualization module what has allowed both to increase the disk capacity and to simplify the control on available data storage systems. 


Projects 2012


  • During the preparations for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit, Inline Telecom Solutions company has completed the Wi-Fi network creation in the campus of Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) on the Russky Island. Because of the project implementation the total coverage of educational and administration buildings, concert hall and another apartments by Wi-Fi network was ensured.


  • By result of competitive tendering in Rostelecom, Inline Telecom Solutions company has been chosen as a main supplier and partner for the project on upgrade and expansion of IPTV infrastructure. 

Projects 2013


  • By result of competitive tendering in VimpelCom, Inline Telecom Solutions company has been chosen as a main supplier and partner on implementation of the system for forecasting of inner channel capacity within broadband networks in the Russian Federation territory. Our solution is based on the software of InfoVista company that is the main vendor of solutions for control and monitoring of IP-networks performance


  • In 2013 there was assigned a task to upgrade the existing customer’s regional data transferring network and promote it into WDM technology in order to both optimizing of used resources and decreasing the cost of network ownership. On the base of Huawei OSN 1800 and NPO-Telecom equipment the upgrade of network has been performed with the using of CWDM technology. The list of tasks includes not only a new network creation but the migration of existing services and integration with used equipment as well. 


  • Inline Telecom Solutions company was involved into the state project on providing wireless access to Internet on a popular tourist objects as the main subcontractor. The total number of sites at the first stage of project was achieved 11. It includes the historical monuments from UNESCO heritage, airport, railway station, tourist suites and ski resort.

Projects 2014


  • In 2014 the task in smoothing of so-called digital inequality and providing of broadband Internet access for inhabitants of small towns having the population less than 500 people has been set for the Rostelecom company by the government. Term of the project implementation is 2020. Inline Telecom Solutions was chosen as Wi-Fi equipment supplier and technological partner as well. Company delivered the equipment and took part in works more, than on 2.500 regional and central locations.


  • Main objective of the project was the analysis of the customer’s current transport infrastructure and definition of the direction for further network upgrading with taking into account of the operator’s intentions for growth of both subscribers number and traffic. The project’s result is transport network that ensures enough productivity for competitive services providing. At the same time the productivity margin is preserved and the minimal increasing of its services cost achieved.

UZCARD interbank payment system

  • Inline Telecom Solutions company has been involved as the main contractor for implementation of the project on migration of bank processing systems on new fail-safe architecture.

Projects 2015


  • Engineers of Inline Telecom Solutions for a several years have complete a number of projects on backbone IP/MPLS networks upgrading in Rostelecom local branches: Urals, Far East and Volga. Experts of the company within these projects perform designing, constructing and assembly works, adjusting and start-up procedures, network planning with taking into account both the current and future network loading.


  • Within the joint project of Rostelecom and Inline Telecom Solutions the Wi-Fi network has been created in the building of the Lenin memorial in Ulyanovsk for the period of holding the Russian-wide forum "Information Society" in March, 2015 and during the other actions.

Projects 2016


  • Within the project on MegaFon’s IPBB network upgrading, engineers of Inline Telecom Solution have carried oud the sequence of complicated works on network equipment replacement. The comprehensive plan on both equipment replacement and migration of services from old equipment to new more powerful one has been developed for each node of backbone network of telecom operator. Works were carried out on a several tens of backbone MegaFon’s network nodes within federal IPBB network of the operator. 


  • Inline Telecom Solutions has carried out the sequence of works on building and integration of MBH networks for MegaFon’s interregional business units: Caucasus, Capital, Siberia, Volga, Far East. Within the project experts of Inline Telecom Solutions implement about ten thousands integrations of IP/MPLS routers and build several tens of MBH networks.


  •  MegaFon has a large number of IT-systems that used for hi-tech services providing within the company and for external subscribers as well. Implementation of the load balancing devices allows distribute the traffic between hundreds of servers in the optimal way taking into account theirs productivity and loading. The SSL Offload function decreases the load of servers due to performance of difficult functions on traffic decoding on hardware accelerators of balancing devices.


  • The implementation of single transportation network conception allows to MTS company (Customer) to incorporate into complete whole the following components of transport infrastructure:

    1. The federal IP/MPLS network that provides high-speed transport for incorporation of macroregional networks;

    2.  The multiservice macroregional networks that pass the voice traffic between elements of a mobile core (CS core), the traffic between elements of a packed core (PS core) and also administrative traffic for internal needs of the company;

    3.  The regional mobile backhaul networks that transfer RAN traffic between base stations and network interface controllers.

    The developed single network of MTS has provided an opportunity to provide the MPLS L2 VPLS and L3 VPN services within regions, macroregions and between macroregions also.


  • Engineers of Inline Telecom Solutions have developed and implemented for all macroregional MTS divisions the solution on safe traffic transmission from basics stations (BS) through MBH network and networks of third-party telecom operators as well. Within the project there was tested an operation of all BS types on operator’s network with both security gateways and certificate servers. The necessary configurations have been developed for all BS types and its traffic redirection was executed.


  • Inline Telecom Solutions implements the high-profile project on MBH networks building for MTS company. Every MBH network within every residential area is the separate multiservice network intended to transportation of service and administrative traffic. Within this project about several tens of regional networks have been implemented.  


  • Engineers of Inline Telecom Solutions have developed and implemented the solutions on integration of new high-performance BRAS/BNG equipment in Rostelecom’s regional business units: Far East and Ural. It allows provide access to Internet for subscribers of operator’s broadband network. 


  • Within the high-profile project on unitization of backbone data transferring network, engineers of Inline Telecom Solutions implement the range of works on both baseline IP/MPLS network upgrading and migration of network services (Internet, L2/L2 VPN) to new equipment. A logical reconfiguration of core routers of Rostelecom was carried out with equipment upgrading simultaneously.

Tele 2 Russia

  • Within IP-infrastructure building for federal and local traffic networks, Inline Telecom Solutions has completed high-volume range of works on engineering, installation, construction and start-up. There was selected three-level hierarchical structure for IP/MPLS network of Tele 2 – access, aggregation and core levels.

Safedata Group

  • As the result of competitive tender on network infrastructure upgrading of customer’s data-processing centers, Inline Telecom Solutions has been chosen as the main technological partner and the equipment supplier. The responsibility area of Inline Telecom Solutions includes supply of equipment, design, development and the choice of optimal architecture that are based on a modern solutions for data transferring networks in data-processing centers.

Projects 2017

MegaFon, Rostelecom

  • Within direct partnership with Juniper Networks, the technical support center for telecommunication solutions of Juniper Networks in Russia was created in Inline Telecom Solutions in 2006. Now the service center has the highest status of vendor’s certification – J-Partner Elite. Service support of Juniper Networks equipment on networks of Rostelecom and MegaFon is carried out in accordance to the service program Juniper Advanced 24x7.


  • Inline Telecom Solutions has won the competitive tender for development and deployment of a management system of network interconnection policies. This system is destined for improvement of interaction quality of MegaFon’s IP-network with the joined networks of Internet operators.


  • Inline Telecom Solutions in cooperation with Juniper company have carried a sequence of works on designing, engineering, installation and start-up for migration of the data processing center of MegaFon in Northwest company’s branch to the new infrastructure.


  • Within implementation of the project "the driven Wi-Fi" service for the subscribers of Rostelecom in Far East regional branch, Inline Telecom Solutions has executed design and deployment of the solution on subscribers authorization in Wi-Fi networks that is based on the software of own development. "The driven Wi-Fi" service is available for both government and corporate customers.


  • Within the Telcocloud infrastructure building for Rostelecom’s Security Operations Center, Inline Telecom Solutions has executed a large volume of research, design, installation and start-up works. The architecture that targeted for the maximum automation of routine tasks there was developed and approved. It has been made due to requirements of flexible and extremely dynamic customization of infrastructure under a various demands of security services for customers. 


  • The projects on development and deployment of broadband data transfer networks (MetroEthernet) at all Rostelecom’s Far East regional branches were performed by Inline Telecom Solutions. The service architecture of network that completely considers all needs of the Customer has been developed and tested in the laboratory of Inline Telecom Solutions. Broadband networks were build up on the basis of combined model with simultaneous use of C-VLAN/S-VLAN. L3 functionality was allocated at the core and distribution levels. Inline Telecom Solutions experts also implemented the new QoS model and the scheme of multicasting traffic transmission was improved also. 


  • Rostelecom has started implementation of the project of the Kamchatka-Sakhalin-Magadan underwater fiber-optic communication line in 2014. The project was aimed to increase the penetration level of telecommunication services in Magadan and Kamchatka regions and eliminate digital gap. Inline Telecom Solutions has won the competitive tender for deployment of above ground level of this large-scale national-wide project. Inline Telecom Solutions performs both the building of linear bindings to shore stations having a total length of 270 km and deployment of station nodes with the subsequent start-up of DWDM network on sites Sakhalin – Magadan and Sakhalin – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.