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Since its foundation, Inline Telecom Solutions has been a part of ITG Holding (INLINE Technologies Group).

ITG Holding is a horizontally integrated group of companies specialized in information technologies, supplying its products and providing its services to corporate customers aiming at increasing their operation efficiency.

In addition to Inline Telecom Solutions, ITG Holding includes the following companies:

ITG Consulting — is a consulting company. The company focuses at  implementation of Management Information Systems (MIS).
FITCON — is a consulting company. It is focused at development and implementation of solutions to manage contractual work, enable finance operations, and control implementation of the enterprise budgets.
C-Line — is a consulting company. The company specializes in business consulting, development and implementation of Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM), including development and implementation of loyalty programs.
INLINE Technologies — is a universal systems integrator. The company concentrates on IT consulting. It develops and implements systems for business automation and information exchange, builds corporate IT infrastructures, implements information security systems, deploys engineering systems, and provides technical support and maintenance for a variety of IT systems and infrastructure.
DataLine — is a provider of IT outsourcing and cloud-based services. The company offers cloud-based services based on its own data center capacity, and provides hardware collocation services. Also, the company enables equipment and software administration and monitoring for its customers.
INPAS — is a developer and provider of bank payment systems. The company develops software and services for acquiring networks. It supplies and maintains payment terminals and cash registers.
Alioth — is a manufacturer of bank cards. The company runs a complete bank card production cycle and related services, including: design, development, personalization, PIN envelope printing, and sorting, storage and delivery of bank cards.
SmartLabs — is a developer of interactive TV platforms. SmartLabs develops service delivery platforms for interactive digital television (IPTV, DVB, OTT and hybrid TV), advanced client applications, user interfaces, set-top boxes, and other innovative solutions for service providers and corporations.
R-ID Company — is a provider of mobile business applications. The company specializes in implementation of mobile solutions to manage warehouses, production processes, logistics, retail, and enable WiFi network design and deployment.