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Inline Telecom Solutions was founded in 2006 on the basis of the Telecommucation Solutions Department of INLINE Technologies as a result of its business reorganization. In 2001 a separate unit responsible for work with communication operators and telecommunication service providers — the Telecommucation Solutions Department was organised. In this way, INLINE Technologies became more active on the telecommunication market both in IT service provision and industry solutions development. Commercial and technical specialists having experience of work on the telecommunication market were invited to join the Department.

This was at that time when a team of professionals was formed. After 5 years of successful implementation of telecommunication projects it got the status of a separate company. Today Inline Telecom Solutions is one of few Russian system integrators that persistently work in the telecommunication sector. The Company is developing very quickly to adequately respond to the market demands and offers operators the most cutting-edge and topical solutions and services for creation of telecommunication services in up-to-date communication networks.

Inline Telecom Solutions is the leading Russian telecommunication integrator holding leading positions in the design and maintenance of telecommunication systems for communication operators and service providers.

The Inline Telecom Solutions mission on the telecommunication market is to expand the possibilities for people and increase the operation efficiency of companies through providers rendering them new infocommunication services based on Company solutions.

The main customers of Inline Telecom Solutions are operators of mobile, fixed-line telephony, satellite, broadband access communication, content service providers and providers of data processing services.

Focusing on work with infocommunication service providers, Inline Telecom Solutions strives to understand the specificity and needs of their business as deeply as possible. This is the reason why the Company can offer the most up-to-date integrated solutions for expanding businesses of their customers and increasing efficiency of their operation.

The company’s solutions are based on the following provisions:

  •  Expertise in equipment and technologies of leading vendors of solution for telecom operators;

  • Equipment and software for backbone and regional networks of service providers;

  • Systems of wire and wireless broadband Internet access;

  • Core and access systems for mobile communications providers;

  • Software for resolving of main and supplemental tasks of telecom operators;

  • Equipment and software for data processing centers;

  • Software of own development for the implementation of operator’s additional services;

  • Software of own development for the improvement of both productive and business processes of operator. 

A separate direction of the Inline Telecom Solutions business is the development of billing solutions based on own convergent Bill-Master Automatic Settlements System, which is a complete solution for operators of any level.